Electronic Love

The Early Years sound definitely has a retro feel, the band must be truly wise beyond their years employing shimmering use of effects and earnest aching vocals barely breaking through the rock fuzz. The percussion is a tight, biting pulse that cuts through the whole piece, pinning those ebbing and flowing synths down while the tune takes off in a slightly euphoric climax.

Slow building, wistful 'Rats' is a tender, fragile piece of work focussing on sighing guitars and gentle vocals which stroke your aural receptors before building to a cacophony of raw noise. It lacks any of the catchy character of 'So Far Gone', but does prove that the band can adopt on other moods successfully.

'So Far Gone Pt. II' begins with some jerky electronic static sounds like robotic morse code and develops into a stomping electro rhythm showcasing the band's synth brilliance with all melody stripped away.

The Early Years are an interesting one, either their slightly dry, computerised sound will get your hard drive whirring, or it will leave you puzzled and perplexed.