Ambitious, majestic and, at times, quite frankly awe inspiring...

The debut UK single from Virginia five-piece The Silent Type begins as their name suggests it might; 'Kneel's' slow, moody and tentative build up lasts a whole minute before the simplistic folk-type melody of the violin and the tick and hiss of drums break the spell of a gently rippling guitar. Instruments slide in and out, making way for a steady drum beat and intense male vocals complimented by crystalline female harmonies, which fade quickly into the waltz-like drone of the violin. As the vocals disappear completely the track soars into a majestic and atmospheric euphoria of strings and chiming guitars, which again, seems to dissolve back down to a single guitar before exploding unexpectedly to its former breath-taking magnificence.

The B-side, 'Stones, Knives and Curses' begins much more decisively, with guitar and drums crashing like waves on the beach as the vocals too take on a similarly more forceful and direct emphasis. Catchier, and relying more on the vocals than the largely instrumental 'Kneel', 'Stones, Knives and Curses' still makes use of majestic strings and delicate piano to create an equally spell-binding effect.

Ambitious and at times quite frankly awe-inspiring, The Silent Type are about to give the UK a taste of the sound that earned them universal acclaim with their US-only debut album back in July 2005. The single will be available from the Kids record label on ten inch vinyl and strictly limited to five-hundred hand numbered copies, with free MP3s of both tracks also available to those who buy the vinyl.