Another one to watch

Band names can be confusing, and this one is no exception. You might, not unreasonably, assume that La Frange hail from south of the English Channel. In fact their base is as near to the wet stuff as possible without being in it, but on the English side of the water as they originate from Brighton.

As well as being heavily inspired by matters French, they've formed the package of the band from a wide spectrum of musical styles: in one corner meet punk and in the other country, those two being bridged by rock from soft to heavy.

The sound of 'Fashion' is very much with punk, although not exactly a punk rock song itself. A good comparison would be to say that if you like what Graham Coxon does then there's every chance this will have your boat afloated, for 'Fashion' is an infectious, catchy track. It's also clear from it's energetic style why it has become a live favourite.

La Frange have played a number of times in London as well as Brighton, and are starting to venture out across the UK. To find out more and sample their music for yourself, check out the band's
Myspace page.