Catchy Electro Pop

Sarah Nixey's latest single is a sparkling electro-pop stunner with robotic beats and sassy cute backing vocals, which Nixey's own voice takes a seductive smoothness not too far from Alison Goldfrapp. The former Black Box Recorder singer has certainly created a single with enough kooky attitude to make something of herself, shimmering synths shake your hips in this retro frisson of excitement.

The remixes of first solo single 'The Collector' show a stark contrast, with the Comma Mix showing Nixey's beautifully precise vocals starting out with the richness of an early Madonna and progressing into an intricate, delicate Alice In Wonderland maze of piano and whimsical vocals. There are also a couple of techno remixes, but they only serve to tempt you to track down the original single or forthcoming album.