Vicious Goth Metal

Scarecrown...you barely need to ask, of course they are a grungey gothic creation embracing the brash power of founders Antonella Buosi's vocals and Andrea Boscariol's steely guitars. Then there's the inevitable menacing growling vocals accompanied by female shrieking.

Opener 'Pathos X' is pretty predictable for this genre, but it's also well done as Antonella's voice soars and dances like a phoenix above the mire of crunching guitars and thudding drums. 'The Valley of Unrest' aims for an even more gothic feel, with the melody becoming more jerky and the guitars looming with renewed vigour; no longer does Antonella's sound like a dreamy damsel in distress, she's now transformed to a solid musical warrior with vicious snarls.

'Witch's Heart Fable' has a wicked insistence in its percussion and a powerful tune emerges from the raging riffs to convince you of Scarecrown's supremacy. 'Suddenly', though is the most intriguing track, beginning with a simple percussive rhythm before the lilting vocals build up, infected with emotion before the brutal chorus snaps the mood with those gruff male grunts and hollers. It's also one of the most catchy tunes and definitely worth a listen. 'Playin' With A Swindler' is a driving number with vocals matching the thrashing guitars, there's a massive swagger behind the tune as it lunges through your brain.

Scarecrown are musically sound and Antonella is an amazing singer, but their style is a tried and tested one that offers little new to the discerning goth metal listener. Scarecrown could definitely be one to watch though.