Fashion rocks?

'Kill A Fashion Killer' is The Paddingtons exclusive contribution to the excellent new tour bus compilation series 'Back To The Bus'. The aforementioned collection compiled by the band is an exemplary mix that contains the classic (Iggy and The Stooges 'Search and Destroy'), the contemporary (The Rakes We Are All Animals) and the odd but ace (The Ventures Hawaii Five O).

Sadly when placed up alongside tracks by the Modern Lovers, The Buzzcocks, New Order and Graham Coxon 'Kill A Fashion Killer' merely highlights the paucity of the bands own material. The band stick to the limited punk template that has served them well in the past indicating that they are scholars of the Sex Pistols' (Jones and Cook at any rate) wall of sound. Sadly these Hull lads lack the melodic charm of the Buzzcocks or the punchy bite of The Clash and consequently they end up sounding like a pale imitation of those whose footsteps they seek to follow in.