Uplifting, radio-friendly U2-inspired rock...

Formed a little over a year ago the success that unsigned band The Beat Poets have earned is impressive by anyone's standards; despite only forming in May 2005, by August of the same year the release of their radio-only singles 'Staring Stars Down' and 'Bloodline' had been added to the play lists of twelve Irish radio stations. It continued to be a busy month, as they found themselves winning the 'XFM Unsigned' competition. By December the radio-only release of 'Race' and 'GI' continued to generate more media attention and a growing fan base, before they supported Nine Black Alps, and were invited to do several shows at the SXSW festival in Austin Texas in February 2006.

Listening to The Beat Poets its clear that they have learnt a lot from fellow Irish rockers U2; lead singer John Dinsmore's voice is instantly reminiscent of a young Bono (though perhaps with a hint of Starsailor's James Walsh). And why not? The Beat Poets capture the kind of uplifting stadium rock sound that gives bands like U2 such a wide appeal. It's hard to pick a favourite out of the four tracks on this E.P., as each song continues to make the best of up tempo, driving guitars and far-reaching, stellar sounds. The instantly catchy and decidedly likeable 'Bloodline' simply soars, 'Staring Stars Down' is a classic radio hit, and while 'Race' goes for a simpler punkier leaning, 'G.I.' takes of with its wild and frantic chorus.

An extremely promising start from a band you should hope to hear much more from in the future.