Rabbit Tracks.

Without any further info regarding their name, one can only ponder over the meaning over The Half Rabbits. Is it the front half, the back half, split longways or even referring to being half rabbit and half something else. As if theres not already enough confusion in this world, these new bands want to come and make it even harder.

Hailing from the same Oxford scene that has spawned the Young Knives, this 3 track ep from The Half Rabbits spits and snarls and attacks the listener like a good indie record should but doesnt leave too much in the way of memories.

Opener 'These Rumours'has an excellent drum thump going through its intro which would likely go down a treat in the live arena and the guitar riff fires and steps in the background quite succesfully. The use of feedback is controlled and pepper the ened of the verses and the vocals hover around in a dark manner. Its not a bad song and a strong start to the collection.

Undfortunately, the other two tracks don't push it on any further, merely rely on the same wailing fuzz and ganrled vocals to hit the listener. Having the best track up front will capture attention but it can also lead to a slight dissapointment - if it was viewed as a normal single, this release would be looked upon more favourably but by going down the route of EP, it adds a certain gravitas or added expectation.

For all that 'Someones Coming' and 'Playing With Fireworks'are decent enough angry tracks in their own right, you would just hope for a little bit more invention.

That said, its not a bad early showing and there are indications of life in The Half Rabbits, its just that the songs didn't burrow into your mind as much as you may have liked!