A desolate, hypnotic soundscape from 'the band with four O's'...

"'Godless' is the story of a man on the edge. Following a dark night of soul-searching, this walking mass of contradictions, spiritual one moment, God-hating and Satanic the next, knows that the fates can conspire against him at any time. Forever veering towards the dark side and giving in to temptation, he ultimately turns his back on God and salvation."

Heavy stuff you might think, but perhaps it's to be expected from Doloroso, a band whose desolate rock and epic soundscapes have earned them live sessions for XFM and 6Music after the critical acclaim that met their debut album 'High Times In Middle Management'.

'Godless' entirely lives up to its name as it opens with droning guitars combined with repetitive drums and a sinister bass line that skulks with intent behind the song's utterly desolate yet hypnotic soundscape. In many ways though, this godless desolation isn't simply a one-off, but seems to be a feature of Doloroso's distinctive sound, as it spills over into the equally unsettling and oppressive sounds of 'Copy Cat Code' with its haunting, Bowie-esque tones.

If Doloroso's thrilling, cinematic single excites you, the debut album 'High Times In Middle Management' is available now.