If they are good enough for Elton.

The cd cover of The Storys single proudly proclaims the fact that they will be on tour with Elton Jon this year. Now, many a year ago if a journalist wrote that Elton John was interested in young talent it would have likely ended up in a court case but in recent years, he has been one to get his name and face in the papers by declaring his admiration for the new kids on the block.

As for the song itself, its pretty much as expected and perfect for the crowd who get to the Elton gig too early. Its pleasant and inoffensive and it rises to the chorus while the lyrics will let couples and the loveless sway from side to side whilst imagining better times. The end of the song sounds suspiciously like a Robbie Williams track (one of the upbeat ones, not a ballad although they all sound the same anyway) and will no doubt be a pleasing accompaniament to the day. If this sounds good to you, then it's a track that will make your day.

Okay, have they people finished reading this review? For anyone else still here, its sugar coated, watered down pop by numbers that even The Feeling would probably mark down as a b-side if they came up with it. There has been recent talk of a computer programme which can work out the right components to make a song sell to the masses and theres a possibility that this may be the first attempt to record a song based on these findings.

Its not quite there yet but with a few more run throughs, the hit making machine will likely be in full working order.