One Pill Makes You Larger

Nearly a year after their debut release comes 12 Stone Toddler's latest offering 'The Rabbit'.
Heavily laden with skiffle beats and bass runs with some jazzy hammond organ and funny little magic noises, the deep vocals just conjour (pun intended) images of spats, pencil moustaches and sharp suits, it's got just a touch of psychobilly but is more reminiscent of something out of Moulin Rouge. Ultimately it's repetitive and lyrically limited, "I pulled a rabbit out the hat, how in the hell did I do that?" and repeat.

There is a nice bit in the middle where it rocks out briefly and I can imagine that live this track would get people dancing. Yes there is a definite Zappa influence that prevails but a bit like Zappa himself, overall it gets a bit annoying after a couple of plays.