Beautifully Chilled Indie Rock

King Creosote, also known as singer/songwriter Kenny Anderson has kept himself slightly off radar in that place of cult cool. He's a secret untapped resource of beautifully chilled indie rock, a Scottish Badly Drawn boy if you will and for those out there looking for a way into his sound this new EP is a great starting point. With 3 tracks on it 'You Are Could I' gives you a little taster of a laid back and wry artist who has created a sound which washes by easily enough but still has little hints of intrigue to keep you interested. It may be too slow for some but for those looking to stretch out the last lazy days of summer it definitely acts as the perfect soundtrack.

For years he has self produced and recorded albums but has never truly broken through. His last release 'KC Rules Ok' garnered him well earned attention but he's still on the level that if you take the chance and have a listen to this EP when he does hit the spotlight you'll be able to say that you were there first. This man definitely won't be staying a secret for much longer.