Dip 'n' Lick Rock

Oh my oh my oh my, I must have upset someone at RoomThirteen.com to get this piffling fodder. The new single by the ludicrously mantled 'Eagles of Death Metal' is titled 'I want you so Hard' and is a wonderful example of 'dip 'n' lick' rock. The concept sounds great, and those first dips into the musical sherbet on offer is extremely palatable. But very soon the sherbet runs out leaving a very boring lollipop devoid of the sweet fizziness the sherbet gave.

With a production not too far from Josh Homme's other slightly better band, 'Queens of the stone age,' the song is up-beat and certainly listenable, but its quirky humour soon wears thin. It does make me wonder who buys music like this, and if they too play it a couple of times before leaving it as a fly landing platform in a CD rack somewhere.

Also contained on this disc is a truly appalling version of Robert Palmers 'Addicted to Love'. It's an insult to the original song, sounding more like two or three guys chocking it out because they have to, which is possibly what it could be.
"Hang on lads, we need another song to go onto the new single."
"I know. Let's bash out addicted to love, it'll only take 4 minutes."
"That works for me, shall we plug in?"
"Nah, let's just put a cassette deck in the middle of the room and trust our luck."
It is truly dreadful, and not only that, the song isn't even finished off for God's sake, it just stops without warning. On the CD notes it says this track is 'Unavailable Elsewhere', well thank god for that, the less this song is heard the better.

There is a 'Slab' version of the single also on this CD, quite what a 'Slab' version is, is anyone's guess. After suffering it a couple of times, I've concluded that a 'Slab' version is half the original version that has been converted to MP3 at a really piss-poor quality rate.

I hope to God that no one with an ounce of sense will buy this single. Watch the video on the Kerrang Channel by all means, but don't waste your money. If you really must purchase everything the 'Eagles of Death Metal' produce, then go and buy it at a car-boot sale because no doubt it'll end up there pretty soon.