A Very Special DVD

It had to happen eventually, after many years on VHS, the Zoo TV Special Live from Sydney, has finally been digitally remastered and all set for lift off. But for the U2 fan there are some great additions to the DVD that were not available on the video.

Trying to describe this DVD is almost impossible as it is absolutely brilliant, but then again I would say that, having first seen them back in 1984 at the Manchester Apollo, on the Unforgettable Fire Tour, and fell in love with the sound then.

Disc one is the legendary show that was recorded at the Sydney Football Stadium, way back in November 1993. The show is still as good to watch as it was back in 1993 when they were on tour. The messages of satire are still there, the show being inspired by the video age, cable and satellite TV Chaff, 24 hour Hard News programmes pointing out the media overload and satirising that.

Disc one is the fantastic show, with all the hits that were played out on tour, songs such as 'Zoo Station' that opens the DVD, which is followed up by 'The Fly' and 'Even Better Than The Real Thing'. During 'Mysterious Ways' we are once more introduced to the Indian dancer who shows us her fantastic body moves. How could I forget that the video at the back of the band while they are singing the beautiful 'One', the buffalo that appear on the volume two of their greatest hits. 'One' moves a side to having just Bono playing 'Unchained Melody', which then neatly brings the protest element of U2's music into play.

There is a brilliant acoustic version of 'Angel of Harlem' backed up with old favourites such as 'Bullet The Blue Sky', 'New Year's Day', 'Stay', with Bono waving to himself on the video wall during the singing of 'Where The Streets Have No Name' into the show "finally" with Pride.

But it was during the encore that brought about probably one of the most memorable creatures U2 have ever invented, Macphisto. He is shown on stage putting his make up and talking about what he had done to the world before singing 'Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car', before giving us 'With or Without You' and the show closing 'Can't Help Falling In Love'.

With Disc two we get given some bonus tracks, 'Tryin To Throw Your Arms Around The World' and 'Desire' recorded at the Yankee Stadium during the Zoo TV Tour, then we get 'The Fly' and 'Even Better Than The Real Thing' recorded at The Stop Sellafield Concert, at the G-Mex Centre Manchester, June 19th 1992.

Also on the disc are three documentaries, A Fistful of Zoo TV, Zoo TV The inside story and Trabantland. All three documentaries are interesting and very informative. And I challenge anyone not to smile or laugh at Trabantland, especially when you see Paul McGuinness buying Trabants for the set.

But then there is a treat for any fan, the DVD extras provide screensavers and wallpapers for your home computer, and like a good boy they now adorn mine.

From the excitement and enjoyment of the live concert through to all the additional material this is a must have for any true fan it is nearly 'Better Than The Real Thing'. This DVD shows why U2 are the best live band in the world, and getting better all the time.