Not a bad opening punk-rock single

Initially, with a name like Hilda, I thought I was in for some Distillers style action. Certainly, it has that sound. A sort of cross between the Distillers, The Backyard Babies and perhaps some punk in there too. They've been likened to the New York Dolls and Motley Crue. Certainly, I can hear the resemblance. They have a long way to go, on a tough path before they manage to garner similar acclaim though.

'I Don't Wanna Go to School' starts off with some nice chorusing. It's definitely a teenage, punky, angst-ridden rock song and the best on this CD. I can imagine lots of kids in the 70's scratching Drugdealer/ Cheerleader into their desks. 'Try to be Me' doesn't sound quite as good. The chorusing remains but the lead vocals sound a little dry and rough. The guitars sound a little muted and aren't perhaps as lively as I'd like in this song. Certainly not quite as brazen as the first track. The production sounds a 'tad rough in places.

Definitely dirty, hair spray, pounding the floor with your big, hobnail boots territory here. The lyrics are certainly funny and just a little catchy. Being supported by Rock Beast is quite a good start. It'll be interesting to see where this band goes. So far, nothing really grabs me about this single except the slight cheese factor. Still, that's enough to make me wonder what the album will be like?