Ooh la la from the Mogwai young team.

Some view him as a genius whilst others recognised that while his sending off in his final retirement game was no great shock given a career of bad tempers and abuse, Zinedine Zidane was clearly one of the key names over the summer. Bowing out with so much publicity that you have expected Max Clifford to have advised him on that headbutt, there was a lot of attention given to the film that focussed on him.

It may have won a lot of acclaim and awards but having seen the film, it felt like watching player cam on Sky, and sticking with a player having a particularly quiet match. However, it wasn't a complete washout as the film was sound tracked by the mighty Mogwai, themselves no strangers to the beautiful game given their strong Celtic allegiances, and found the band on typical mesmerising form.

'Black Spider' is a dark and plaintive piece that works well in the film but stands alone in its own right. Like many Mogwai tunes, it crosses the line of menacing and atmospheric but maintains enough melodic bites to placate lighter listeners.

'Half Time', is less menacing but no less dramatic as the track gradually builds over its six minutes. The song initially washes over you like gentle lapping waves on a shore but as the pressure builds, the volume increases and the sonic waves carry more weight and stature.

A stereotypical release of two halves from the Mogwai Young Team which yet again emphasises the class and stature that the band carries.