Disposable disco.

It's all in the title... They are on the tail-end of something very glitzy, new and fresh. But that was a few years ago.. It's been done and done, hasn't it? They are taking down the banners of this new and brave frontier, cleaning up after Hard-Fi even Mansun, possibly and no doubt good at what they do, but with not enough to get them lodged into the drunken minds that will prance to their single.

This will be played in a club near you. It will be adored by The Trend, NME and the like. It will pump away on the boom-speakers and stop hundreds of people from holding a conversation that goes beyond 'WHAA? EEH?! ARGH!' But it will be one of many that the DJ puts on because he is getting free promos through his letterbox and knows the moderners will love a bit of it. Sadly, this tune, with its watered lyrics and audio typecast will not be remembered.

But whilst the glitter ball is turning, the heeled soles are stomping and the dodgy boys are taking E's in the corner, we won't care and will have a good time tonight.