New EP from Pete and co.

The first new Babyshambles material this year comes in the form of five track EP 'The Blinding'. With a new record deal at EMI and a certain Pete Doherty recently released from rehab, one can only assume this is a fresh start for the band with a history more legendary than their music.

Beginning with title track 'The Blinding' a memorably self-assured song which swaggers towards its noise filled conclusion. The song seems more focused and stronger than many of the songs on last year's debut 'Down in Albion'. The pace slows with 'Love You But You're Green', a softly rendered song which has existed since the Doherty days as a Libertine. The ska soaked 'I Wish' is next and is this collection's most misguided effort. The reggae and ska influenced Babyshambles songs have always been the hardest to digest and stand estranged from the majority of their material.

'Beg,Steal or Borrow' is an example of what Pete Doherty does best. A catchy song with a likeable melody and clever lyrics tinged with regret. The simplicity of this song helps to highlight his ability as a songwriter. This song is one of Pete's strongest since the Libertines, and if only all of Babyshambles songs were this good they'd be a band on a par with their obvious contemporaries like Dirty Pretty Things.

Final track 'Sedative' is a meandering song with a slight reggae tilt, but more subtly so. The song is adequate but nothing beyond that and is perhaps a fitting way to end an EP which has it's strong moments but mainly serves to underline the flaws all too heavily. Babyshambles, when they're focused are good, but they harbour the potential to be truly great, unfortunately they have yet to reach that state.