Old school punky rant.

You all know what it's like, struggle through the week and come Saturday night all you want to do is go out and let off some steam. It appears that The Ripps know exactly where you are coming with their debut single 'Vandals' referencing the same feeling when through no fault of your own, well apart from actually committing a crime, of spending a night in a cell.

Thankfully, they have chosen the medium of punk-rock to soundtrack this tale of young excitement and it transports the listener back to 77 as you can almost feel the phlegm coursing from the vocals and the sneer written across the bands face.

Clocking in at just over two minutes it is condensed tightly and manages to finish up and still leaving the listener wanting to hear it again so the replay value is definitely around.

With 'Hyprocrites' pushing the music even further towards The Sex Pistols with the elongated vocal delivery spitting throughout and the underlying guitar line throbbing away, there's nothing new on show but what is here, is done well.

One funny thing of note in their press release is that it claims the brothers Patch and Raul were born and bred in Coventry but then later on states they were born in Chile, which must have been one hell of a painful birth for their mum. Long-haul deliveries aside, The Ripps have an old-school punky rant on their hands here and it's not too bad at all.