British punk-rock, it's hardly a genre that's been neglected in the past and some might go so far as to say we've had a bit of a glut in various punk-rock acts from across the world in the last decade. Unfortunately, on such a sated and crowded scene Easykill have arrived with a mini-album which does little to impress or set themselves apart from the competition.

So, what exactly do Easykill sound like? Typical punk rock influenced music with vocals that sound like a mixture of the American whiny style which is practically omnipresent in popular music today, with the added bonus of a rather disorientating British twang. Backing vocals? It's hard to comment on them as the poor production and poor recording masks any potential they had. The guitars are as you'd expect from the style, hitting the normal mixture of melody and grit but never really going beyond the confines set on them, similarly the rhythm section is adequate but never really impressive. As already mentioned, the rather lacklustre production job done on this album limits what it has to offer really, and throughout listening to this the impression received was that if they had perhaps waited a little longer, worked on the songs a bit more, recorded that little bit better, we'd be looking at a much stronger release from Easykill.

In all essence, this music just sounds too much like the glorified demo it really is and unless you are a massive fan of the british punk-rock style there is really no need to go out of your way and here this. Whilst there may be potential in this band, they certainly haven't come close to realising it yet.