Rich, Indie Splendour

Zillionaire are certainly rich in musical talent with vocals that recall Sting's smoky croon, delicate tunes and captivating melodies.

Opener 'Not So Beautiful Now' is a tune that shudders with angst between discordant notes, enraptured guitars and a soul-seeking, smooth vocal lilt floating over the top of this heavenly turmoil. This is a soulful and sleek introduction to a highly talented band. In 'High Times' the vocals take on a bluesy liberty dancing over the simplistic odd guitar squeal and tight sweeping synth backing track to create a funk infusion that will sooth your soul. The latino guitar of 'Love Won't Change My Mind' takes this further with a real vibrant rhythm that will have you dancing in no time, the sultry tune is spellbinding with a light air of Jeff Buckley about the waning vocal strains.

'Champagne' is a wonderfully ethereal number with transient synth peaks thrown into the laidback melody. This is the perfect mellow end to an EP full of glossy tunes that sound effortless, yet manage to leave your breathless.