So-so starting point for Xi.

How many good bands can you recall that start with the letter X? And don't give us anything from the X-Factor as we said bands. Oh, and we also said good, so that kinda rules pretty much everyone from their shows out. Where were we, ah yes, the letter X and its little known use in rock. XTC from the 80s, rapper X-Zibit and a few other acts listen on wikipedia that I defy their mums to even know about. This makes it all the more interesting to check out the debut single by Xi.

'Faceless' doesn't hang about it for too long but it does chug about and have high pitched vocals in the manner of Muse before they went completely stellar. On first listen it was a bit strange but repeated air brought a lot more of the background spacey sounds to the fore, giving the track a wider feel. There is definitely that epic yet pained feel of the aforementioned band and the closing heavy metal riff is a nice touch.

Accompanying track 'Headspace' is like a slower version of the lead track; a few more pauses and poignancy between the vocal phrasing but on the whole, cut from the same cloth as 'Faceless.' And that's no bad thing for a debut act, it just depends if you like that sort of thing. There's a touch of Mansun in the high pitched vocals and the sonic devilry in the backing but lacking the humour or wit that band displayed.

All in all, this debut release is very much for fans of the genre only. In the style of Sesame Street, this review has been brought to you by the letter x and the number 8.