Eloquent Eectro Murmurings

An eloquent, ethereal affair, Sarah Nixey's solo debut is split into two divine chunks, with the first 'Sing' introduced by a self-help style soft spoken monologue backed with the glittering sounds of electro calm that hypnotise the audience into Nixey's zone.

Electro romps like 'Beautiful Oblivion' place Nixey at the centre of glassy synths that ripple around her, permeated by a thumping beat that pictures her as a dancefloor siren, while opener 'When I'm Here With You' is a smooth, latino-style number that melts the icey side of the former Black Box Recorder artist's voice. 'Hotel Room' is slick and suave, with Nixey promising like a true diva, "I'm going to love you through the night" amid a torrent of glacial synth showers. Nixey paints with the same electro colours as Goldfrapp, but whereas their canvas is disco beats, the solo artist creates a space out serenity.

'Memory' begins with another delicate monologue on its conception from Nixey. 'The Collector' begins this chapter with a tense tune led by a lush chorus, while 'Breathe In, Fade Out's theatrical tale lilts along on a gentle piano run and uncoils above intermittent avant-garde electro rushes. 'Masquerade' carries on the performance theme with a charming and tense refrain that doesn't seem far from musical fare. 'The Man I Knew' sees Nixey confiding in the listener in tantalising whispers while the sweetly flowing tune carries you off on a journey of relaxation.

'Sing, Memory' is clearly a carefully thought out album filled with beautiful tunes to delight, however it's best listened to before bedtime due to the soporific qualities of the dreamy tunes.