“Oooh Yeah!”

‘Titanium’- “It’s about not being able to keep your dick in your trousers”, to quote Sam Riley (vox). This is the opening track to the double A-side Single and with good drumming and added percussion this number is full of rough guitars and rougher vocals along with a catchy chorus that’ll be stuck in your head before this number is out.

The gem of this release is without a doubt ‘Can’t Do Nothing’. It’s gradual build up sets the base for the rest of the track with the tight bass and drum line keeping it in check throughout, before the whole sound bursts outta the speakers. This one is brilliant and it’s got everything- it’s fast, tight, full of meaty riffs and strong vocals. Once again there is that bluesy feel to it, and really shows what the band are capable of both writing and playing.

The single closes with a cover of Gang Of Four’s ‘Damaged Goods’, featuring The Cribs. This is a good track but not as strong as ‘Titanium’ or ‘Can’t Do Nothing’, maybe because the previous two are the Thing’s own creations. Although the vocals take the backseat and give the group as a whole more room, it is still performed with the Things usual panache.