Gawd blimey, Jack!

You'd never know that this guy has been in the near proximity of Babyshambles... And if you ever get the chance to hear this single, then you'll quickly comprehend that this is sarcasm of the blackest degree...

'Second, Minute, or Hour' is yet another scrambling-up-the-cobbled-streets, soot shakin', cockle-gobbling, pearly coat-poppin' cheeky Laaandin' anthem from yet another outlet. It is 'armless (honest, guv!), a little bit corny (must be all those cobbles arf!) and more upbeat than a Dick Van Dyke dance routine.

In the way that The Kooks falter off a note like they're gulping whilst singing, poor ol' Jack as well ('eee does, y'know?). There are remnants of other such artists, but perhaps this is a chicken/egg scenario? Who knows who came first? It doesn't really matter when it comes down to it... it's just enough to know that there has been a wave of grubby urchins and unsavoury ruffians wearing neckerchiefs, waistcoats and strange hats and that the likes of Jack Penate are the new wave.

These two tracks are in all an incredibly lo-key recording that stick to home roots with a deep and unfaltering loyalty. It's nice to get down to the nitty gritty, but even with the song substance in question, the hype will probably see this guy through, providing he hasn't missed the Libertines chain gang.