Observational music

Quirky Londoners telling it like it is appears to be one of the in-things in the music business at the moment. Perhaps the Southerners were miffed at the Arctic Monkeys grabbing the title of street-talkers or perhaps the legacy of Mike Skinner's proclamations.

Musically, the track sounds like a weak disco pastiche, perhaps in a nod to the type of music that is found underneath the vocals of the dreamers, chancers and losers who clog up the television airwaves and phone lines even though the eventual winner was placed into the competition and half their debut album is already recorded. Perhaps it is meant in an ironic or light-hearted manner which will no doubt appeal to the same fans who appreciate Lily Allen's mix of up-front honesty and pop backing. In all honesty, it's not for this writer as the music is just too bland and of an era that was never overly blessed in the music department.

Lyrically though is where Jack stands up for himself with his clever rhymes and viewpoint of the situation and surrounding people who enter reality TV contests, having worked their way up from the Sunday night karaoke in their local downtrodden boozers. The vocals have a good pace and are well delivered so if the storytelling is more important than the instrumental side for you, Just Jack may well be enough to put a smile on your face.