As poor as it gets

I'm going to write this review as a compliment sandwich. This is where I start off the review with something positive, then I'll move onto the areas where I think Aiden need improvement, and then I'll end on something positive.

Ok, something positive:
'Rain in Hell' is the new stop gap release from Kerrang's best international newcomer and Metal Hammer's best newcomer. Six songs make up the track listing including a cover of Billy Idol's 'White Wedding' and Misfit's 'Die Die my Darling'. Not only that but to also add to the value for money aspects, there is a great bonus DVD containing three music videos and lots of live cuts from the 2006 Never Sleep Again tour. It's a natty little package that also looks the business with its comic book horror artwork. It's very stylised and extremely effective highlighting the dark, grim and somewhat pseudo gothic nature of the band. On the booklet notes, vocalist Wil Aiden dedicates the release to the suffering legions of boys and girls who feel hopeless.

The area where Aiden need improvement;
Is this it? Is this what all the fuss is about? Is this really the band that seems to grab a lot of media attention? If it is then it's time for me to pack this reviewing malarkey in because I just don't get it. Firstly, is this a rock band? Most rock bands have guitars but Aiden have theirs so low in the mix they almost disappear completely especially in 'A Candlelight Intro,' and 'We Sleep Forever.' So much for the 'tearing up the pavement' element of metal. Why Aiden are so popular is beyond me if this release is anything to go by. Sounding like all the ten a penny bands on the music channels, I find it fascinating how Aiden managed to reap in so much popularity. Perhaps it's the goth horror imagery and Hitler style sweep over haircuts that instantly make them appealing to all the 'boys and girls'. But this point nails it on the head, Aiden are a kid's band, nothing more, and 'Rain in Hell' is pretty in offensive unless you don't count the dull cover of 'White Wedding' and the cringing ballad 'Silent Eyes'. The latter being one of the most fucking awful acoustic piles of dross in the history of music itself. Only 'Die Die my Darling' comes away with any credit because it's the only track I managed to get right through to the end on the initial listen. Wil Aiden's voice is whiny and out of tune, something that suggests he can't actually sing at all, and if you don't believe me just listen to 'Silent Eyes.' The musicianship doesn't save the day either. It's pretty standard stuff. There aren't any flash solos, amazing drum patterns or shit hot bass lines, it's all-so under whelming. To quote a line from 'Silent Eyes', "I wrote this song to say goodbye," Yeah go on then, bugger off.

And now I'll finish on something positive;
Erm...England won at the cricket! Yay! And check out the new album by I am Ghost, it pisses all over this drivel.