A Promising Beginning

With a delicate reverence Eben paint melodic, touching tunes that swell with bliss and hope. 'Eben Song' sees the anthemic heights of Snow Patrol skimmed with atmospheric ease, while 'Brightness' sees bursts of rock guitar carrying the tune to a higher plane where dynamic riffs and sighing vocals flow freely. Rippling violins add a tenderness and intertwining folk influence to all the tunes which carries them beyond the realm of explorative indie and into the territory of such musing multi-instrumental arrangements as Arcade Fire and Sigur Ros, especially with aching cello strokes and keys on the fragile, 'Valence Streets'. If you look into the lyrics, it's easy to see a religious influence, and Christian rock is frequently overlooked as uncool, but let's face it, plenty of bands have been inspired by faith and outside religion and politics there's little that gives a band more passion.

The epic tunes with depth and dreamy introspection displayed on the 'Brightness EP' would be a fine start for any band, and having only to into being last year, Eben display an intricacy in their music that is highly sought after by far older groups.