Second album from rock bores.

Following on from their 2004 debut 'Raw Nerve', comes 'Trench' a fourteen-track cliché-fest from the Bath group. They may be a hard working band after touring extensively with anyone who would have them, but their music is as insipid as it is uninspiring. Opening track 'Heroin' begins with the line "You've gotta want me to get me", and it's certainly safe to say that from the outset I neither want or 'get' X is Loaded. From where my ears are positioned this is a band who have taken onboard a tired sound and used it to create this turgid assault on the ears.

Lyrically the band cover more well-worn territory with song titles like 'Heroin', 'Sick Sickness', and 'Skeletons' and choice lyrics such as "you give, she takes, you bleed, she breaks" and the inspired rhyming of eyes and skies. All performed in a heavily contrived American accent.

Unless you like your rock music to be the product of an expired formula of hackneyed rubbish then you should avoid this album as you would an old acquaintance you've never liked.