Chk Chk Chk it out!


Where to begin with a band who revel in the title of !!!? Its probably apparent with every opportunity being taken to say that the bands name is pronounced Chk Chk Chk that perhaps not enough musical focus was given to the band previously. Certainly there were the nods of appreciation for the musos and a linking in with the wave of bands like The Rapture but that name, it always seemed to hold them back, almost polarising opinion about them too readily and turning off some people before the music even got a chance to infiltrate.

For what its worth, !!!'s last record was a solid showing and a major critics favourite of he year and 'Myth Takes' (this time with a pun, are the band desperate to show off their linguistic skills) is another step down the studied electronic path but is still going to polarise opinion. Theres a looser feel to proceedings this time around but all the ingredients are there to keep the kids dancing.

The title track leads the way and is quite a funky stepper, hinting at a 70s strutter or perhaps more relevantly, Fatboy Slims 'Weapon of Choice.' It's a shuffler and a shoulder dipper with a murky bass run which could even recall the B-52s of 'Rock Lobster' era. A varied start to the album which continues throughout the record.

Whilst the backbeat manages to build the tempo throughout the album, the differences in genres and styles on the record makes it sound like a good mix collection as opposed to a straightforward album. Mixing soul, funk and disco with the more expected styles of electro means !!! are able to keep the album sounding fresh, even after repeated plays. Where they fall down is there doesn't appear to be as much attention paid to creating songs in the way that The Rapture or Klaxons manage to pull off.

Its not a bad thing as the album seems well suited as a pre-night out spinner with the tempo building throughout but its unlikely to cross over as well in the live arena, certainly in the traditional band format.

With the recent return of LCD Soundsystem and certain UK music media magazines re-found love for all things dance music, 2007 may be the environment for !!! to cross over from journalists and select individuals favourites to being a band of the people. If they do, expect the dance floors to be getting busier over the land.