More Than Theoretical

Forming two and a half years ago on the south coast of England, Enochian Theory have now released their debut album 'A Monument To The Death Of An Idea'. I dunno, what is it with bands as releasing albums with ridiculously long names these days?

All the songs on here grab your attention without being threatening; they are just well written and well performed. Production on the album has given great depth to the guitar work, which is all very well and good but at points the vocals seem a little weak in comparison to the noise being made by the instruments. Enochian Theory took a brave step in putting an epic 7 minute song 'A Countermeasure In Hindsight' but the gamble certainly paid off, it shows impressive musicianship.

These guys have bucket loads of potential but I don't feel they've really mastered a sound to set them apart from the ever growing pool of new talent, but for a debut album it's pretty impressive.