I like you, too.

A delicately psychotic riff grates on the mind, as female sexiness grates heavy on bitterness...

The tempting likeness would probably be PJ Harvey, or something equally uninventive. So instead let's say this is what a stripper with a troubled IQ of 178 would sound like. There's something deeply worrying about the act, with some sort of poisoned undercurrent ruling the general feel. Instruments are sparse and sometimes it will just be the bassline that gets the song through (the b side has a great deal of room in its verses), but this only serves to make the hooks in the chorus that much more effective.

The only real criticism is that this sort of troubled music is best served in small doses, and could maybe do with cropping down a little. But this could come down to personal preference... some people do like to linger and watch road accidents don't they?

Great to strut to. Great to fuck to. Do both! It's recommended.