New single from Swedish singer.

A taster of Stockholm singer Ebb's debut album arrives in the form of 'Life is on TV'. Hoping to capitalise on his homegrown success, Ebb has been likened to Four Tet, Sigur Ros and Mum. These comparisons give an indication about what to expect, but Ebb's songs are more modest, with the electronics on display much more DIY than the soundscapes favoured by Sigur Ros et al.

'Life is on TV' is pleasant enough as listening experiences go, with Ebb's vocals sweeping across the landscape of the song. However the song lacks any real development, meaning it continues as it began and is largely cyclical.

Second track 'I'm All Made of Music' is largely the same, with lyrics repeated continually and electronics moving in a safe loop. With two subsequent remixes of 'I'm All Made of Music' and a running time of almost half an hour for four tracks, any listeners patience would be thoroughly tested here. Whilst a sometime appreciator of electronica I am by no means an aficionado, so by the end feel that my patience has been gratingly shredded.

Perhaps those who have exhausted many other electronic offerings might find something to inspire them here, but generally this effort falls far short of leaving even the slightest impression.