Melt Away Your Troubles With Ebb

Swedish singer songwriter Ebb claims that his debut album, 'Loona' reflects the sparsity of the surrounding that he grew up in; wide horizons and vast soundscapes are definitely on the books. Ebb paints these expansive scenarios with scatty synth beats and soaring vocals - an intimate electro-pop album that benefits from its own simplicity.

'Life Is On TV' is a charming chillout tune that reflects some of Peter Gabriel's more recent creative dives in its breezy chorus chant and soulful vocal efforts. The gentle tunes are embellished with Ebb's unique vocal sound which has the nasal hook of Billy Corgan in its lilting sighs. The sweeping tunes are equally as intriguing as Corgan's fare with soaring sensations and sweeping atmospheric backing in amidst the skittering binary bassline.

'Silent Lucy' has a trance vibe to its repetitive refrain and crystalline backing sounds while the synths work busily to create an organic percussive rhythm that seems to tick and whirr anxiously. 'Minau' is a delicate tune that echoes with reverent calm in its icey beats, like tiptoeing through a glacial chapel. 'Stay Out Of Traffic' is a particularly calming effort with marine noises bubbling through the sonic cocktail with strings sighing blissfully, lulling you into the dreamscape that is 'Loona'. Closer 'When Dusk Begins' is the perfect end to a wistful and beautiful album, its languid sound soothes your senses gently.

'Loona' is a fairytale collection of blissful tunes, glittering with electronic beats and flowing vocals, indeed 'Ebb' is an apt name as this aural musicians creates music that does just that with a natural fluidity fashioned from the comfort of his computer.