Knickers Of Lust?

Similarities could be Pavement, Kings of Leon, fresh new acts like Benjy Ferree, or maybe even at a push, a contemporary dare we say it?! Bob Dylan?

Ouch! It hurts!

The sounds of a guy that is willing to get knee deep in satirical sound... Besame Mucho isn't the most serious of songs, sounding like some sort of Mediterranean lift music, with the strummy Spanish guitar that makes the knees wobble into an unsteady Tequila flamenco. With slurring violins wooing, the double bass and a wee trumpet-parp solo that gets right on in there with the bull, you find yourself waving red knickers of lust.

It's a shame, then, that it's fifty fifty to the person who has purchased only this single. If the guy with the headphones or the speakers didn't have any common sense, then for all they would know Dan could be an indie guy that slices and dices right down the middle with old time Spanish mainstream ballads.

But no. The main attraction i.e. the A side, you plank is a fairly packed, honest and classic cut of stripped down song writing. On the other hand, Besame Mucho is mere filler, worth one listen and put there to have a wee chuckle to.