Ghosting in un-noticed.

We know you shouldn't judge a book, or a band, by their cover but The Hair? On first impressions that don't sound good at all, does that give you the impression that the band is at the cutting edge? They sound more like a fringe act to us! Thankfully, the music does the bands talking and what we have here is some infectious guitar pop.

'Ghosts' has a murky intro with the guitar jostling for room with the drums and cowbell before giving way to the sharp vocals, telling tales of peoples put-downs and warnings. As the song continues, the backing vocals add real depth and a touch of quality which manages to life the track away from all the standard guitar stompers that are about these days. Its made for repeat listens with the buried layers coming out after time, revealing quite a catchy little number.

The other track 'Left Foot Right Foot' is just as inviting, mixing up a dance-floor step with 70s sounding guitar in a way that would give The Music wet dreams if they could even come close to matching. All throughout the song, the guitar line continues to weave its way along, creating an almost funk-like backdrop that you could strut along to. And on the chorus when the guitar really crunches in, just stand back and listen to the sing kicking off. So often its easy to think that the second listed is the more interesting and should be the lead track but The Hair are probably right in going with the selection they have.

So with two great tracks available for one, whats stopping you from getting your paws on these songs?