Definately Made In Britain

Pete Doherty shows yet again what an accomplished singer/songwriter he is. With Babyshambles he has that hard hitting combination and working overdrive. It communicates the sense of fun that music should give- vibrant, colourful and fresh.

When you listen to “Flophouse” and “What Katie Did” there is the feeling that this guy would sound good anywhere. Perhaps the fact that they’re acoustic tracks emphasizes the “Street Music” sound they have. There’s a real ability here to bring us into his world; he loves what he’s playing and wants us to.

This sound does what few groups manage- it puts a firm ‘Made in Britain’ stamp on itself. Think of The Who, The Jam, Sex Pistols, Paul Weller, naturally The Libertines... you get the idea, and you’ll recognise a sound that could only come from here.

Only one problem with is, it’s so good, why so few? With limited availability anyone who has this single is bloody lucky, the rest of us will just have to wait a while longer.