Put me out of my misery and x e cute me!

When a press release boasts that a band have the dizzying combo of the glam of the New York Dolls and the swagger of Guns and Roses, you might be forgiven for thinking that you've stumbled on another Motley Crue. Although Drug Dealer Cheerleader have the 'girls, girls, girls' in the form of their female fanbase donning cheerleader outfits to join them on stage (a little exploitative, maybe?), this is about as close as they come to the Tommy, Nikki and pals.

'X E Cute my X' is not the stadium rock monster they would have you believe, in fact, it has a sound more akin to a second rate, fey indie band and there is not even a sniff of wild, rock and roll excess here. If you are going to do rock, then do it properly. The repetition of 'urrr ut er errrs' tries its hardest to fill the gaps when the poor lyrics fail dismally to impress, mainly in the repetition of the dreary line, 'X E Cute my X'. This is a poor effort.

B side, 'Happening Now' is equally disappointing and exudes a kind of sound that presupposes what AC/DC would sound like if they had gone down a commercial route. In short, this isn't going to set the world on fire. After the dancing girls have finished and the glitter has fallen, only disappointment remains. Give me filth, give me fury!