1990s See You At The Lights

"No 'the' and no apostrophe!", Glasgow three piece 1990s implore on their myspace. Whomever wrote their press release obviously wasn't listening, referring to them as 1990's (nineteen-nineties-apostrophe-s). Contentious grammar issues aside, 1990s are an indie-rock band, signed to independent British record label Rough Trade, whose former band The Yummy Fur once boasted Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos and Paul Thomson as members. Prior to the release of album 'Cookies' in May, 1990s release three-track single 'See You At The Lights'.

Eponymous first track 'See You At The Lights' is a cheerful, bouncy indie-rock song, with a sing-a-long chorus and danceable verses, reminiscent of The Flaming Lips or The Thrills. Track two 'Super Legal' is also enjoyable, but is in many ways a toned down version of the first, and is definitely less original. Slightly self-indulgent seven minute final track Diablo is a bit of a let down, drifting unspectacularly all the way through.

On the evidence of this EP, 1990s certainly have potential they have songs with quality like the stand-out 'See You At The Lights', and the potential to propagate such songs with renowned indie label Rough Trade. However, they'll need more individuality to match up to label-mates The Long Blondes and Arcade Fire.