Welcome To The Jungle

Listening to a Bjork CD evokes the same kind of nervous anticipation as dipping your hand into a bag of Revels; you've no idea what you're going to get. 'Earth Innovators' combines tribal beats from BBC World Music Award winners Konono No.1 and drummer Chris Corsano with electro fizz and Bjork's own wild howls. There's certainly a primordial raw energy about the tune, the backing perfectly suiting Bjork's own wild abandon as she chants, "We are the Earth's intruders/ We are the sharp shooters". Breathy vocal pauses and brief moments of kitsch synth patterns top up the quirkiness on this fantastic frenetic tune. Far from far out, as she can often be described, working with Timbaland Bjork has tapped into a unique sound that could soon be filling discos with a little welcome eccentricity.