The pub?

Surprisingly, considering that they've been on the radar for some time now, 'Where Would You Rather Be?' is Zico Chain's debut single, following on from their well received mini album of last year.

Not as free flowing or as big a track as songs like 'Rohypnol' or 'Social Suicide' but a solid track nonetheless. Based around a steady guitar riff it's slower and perhaps a little more radio friendly than we've heard from them before but still retains plenty of grit, not least in Chris's vocals. Zico Chain know the value of a big chorus combined with a good riff and they deliver again here although it doesn't quite reach the heights of the aforementioned 'Rohypnol'.

Zico Chain are a good band and 'Where Would You Rather Be?' should serve as a more accessible introduction for those that haven't heard them before but they can and have done much better.