Dragonette's first offering

Ooooooh, the Synth! I could almost be back in the 80's if the sound was slightly poorer. The guitars are certainly decked out to be a little more synthy and poppy than normal. It smacks of the "Human League" though the vocals are more akin to Blondie or the girl from the 'Scissor Sisters'. It's female, preppy and somewhat trendy and modern. Guitars and real drums do make an appearence after the introduction.

It'll be interesting to hear more from this band. The guitars and sound isn't quite tight or heavy enough to bring them up to "that band with jason mewes in the video", based solely on this one song but theres potential there. Its certainly in that poppy, electronic vein with a deeper rock sound to it. Towards the end, I feel the power is lost in the guitars but the vocals remain crisp and strong throughout. It'd be nice to hear some more.