South You Are One

South are an almost decade old British rock three-piece based in London, and are probably best known for their song 'Paint The Silence' which featured in Series One of American teen drama The OC in 'The Heights', and was the perfect regretful sounding song for a memories montage featuring Ryan and Marissa in the third season of the same show. Single 'You Are One' is taken from South's third album 'Adventures In The Underground Journey To The Stars'.

South Peddle an atmospheric, soft-touch rock sound, drawing comparisons to acts such as The Stone Roses, Coldplay and Travis. On 'You Are One', the sad, floating vocals contrast excellently to the uplifting guitar melodies. With sad yet poppy songs like this, it's not hard to see why South are used for emotional moments on TV soundtracks. 'You Are One' is excellent background music, but just not quite spectacular enough to be foreground music.