Get wrecked at home

Terrible band name? Check. Press release for a single that came out three months ago. Check. Silly band description of themselves ("Badly Drawn Boy with amphetamines sprinkled in his tea"). Check. Corking slice of indie-rock. Check. (that's enough checks, just review the bloody single Ed.). "Sziget (We Get Wrecked)" tells the story of our heroes trip to Budapest to play a festival last year and bucks the trend of bands writing about touring experiences on their second record by err... featuring on the band's third record ("What Part Of Hamfatter Do You Not Understand?"). Joking aside this is a rather fine slice of pretension free indie-rock, it sounds like all those lost band's from 1997-2001 who never quite made it (I'm looking at you Warm Jets, Crashland and Rialto) but would probably be lauded as the best thing since sliced bread now. Hamfatter may be fashionably late but are worth a punt nevertheless. A name change would go down a treat but then the band could say the same to me.