Talented Teen's On Track

The **** Lovers (Four Star Lovers) are four feisty females hailing from quaint Devonshire town Totnes. At the tender age of 17 and currently studying for their A-levels, you may be forgiven for thinking these ladies are somewhat na´ve when it comes to making music. How wrong you would be. Armed with five years experience having performed in various incarnations of the band since the age of 12, '****...' have already charmed Muse producer Paul Reeve and graced the stage of the Astoria. Another feather in the cap is the fact that this single, 'Richard', was recorded at the now infamous Sawmills Cornish recording studio.

On first listen there is an immediate similarity to McFly's 'Five Colours in Her Hair', with tuneful vocal harmonies, upbeat tempo and engaging rhythmic guitar. The lyrics revolve around school day antics, and typically boys! Think Busteds' 'What I Went To School For' and you won't be far off. For a rock fan like myself, this may be considered a little too 'pop', but lets be honest, everyone's allowed a guilty pleasure every now and then....