A Fierce Funky Dance Track

Preceding the original version of a track with the 2 remixes is a slightly odd decision, even if one of these remixes is by Hot Chip. An insistent electro tune that crackles with tight percussion and crisp beats, 'Must Be The Moon' has a funky rhythm that will make it an instant dance floor hit. Guitars break out during the verse like they've been unleashed on the raging rap that comprises the rest of the grimy tune with lyrics like, "We did it on the bed and we did it on the floor, so I was surprised when I got the cold shoulder".

To be honest there's very little that a remix could add to this already completely robotic stomper, but Hot Chip seem to think that adding pulsing dance beats within the first few seconds can make a difference, while the jangly synth sounds are stripped away and replaced by a monotone 'phat' blare. It continues in this vein for another 5 minutes. The opening tune, the Emperor Machine mix outdoes this by running just shy of 8 minutes by inserting random sections of noise, although it does make more of the groovy bassline and contain more melody than the Hot Chip remake, mostly the remixes just allow the listener to zone out though, which makes it a completely unwise decision to allow them to precede the real track.