Sweet Indie Offerings

A dense tense maze of shivering violins introduces The Earlies new single, 'When The Wind Blows', the tension soon burns out into a mellow indie rock tune with sighing vocal harmonies and a breezy feel. Sparks come in the form of crashing percussion and vamping piano chords which perk up this chirpy and offkilter tune. "I'm gonna blow your house down", intone the bold vocals and although it won't really have such a dramatic effect on your life as destroying your house, 'When The Wind Blows' is a fun tune to listen to.

'Little Trooper' is further evidence of the band's experimental style as a midtempo heartfelt song with sparkling decoration turns into a twee instrumental with random background sounds. The Earlies tunes are perfectly crafted little gems, but probably best appreciated by collectors and unlikely to break the mass market.