'One more, and then I really must be going.'

That unholy trio of the traditional up-stroke ska guitar, the disco, hi-hat ridden drumbeat, and the alright piece of vocal melody moulds Less Than Jake with a touch of Rancid, with a touch of a general sort of pop.

We go out drinking, I got skinny jeans, a bandana. I'm just a Scottish boy in Londontown... Bon Jovi references... electric dreams.... 'Ba-ba-badda' chants AND a break-it-down section. It's all a bit much, if you aren't drunk (or worse). Parts of this 'Hoxton Hair' tongue-in-cheek medley of life is clearly endearing, and if you squint your ears, you can hear a sort of heavy punk-come-Costello sort of vibe that lives deep within the good times. But references to drinking nights that most people can relate to aren't always the be all and end all. And, apart from love, it is the most popular subject, so you would have thought that you would somehow want to make your imprint on the topic, instead of waddling round the territory of others.

It is a vague irony, then, that one of the best attempts is the third and final song, which is clearly a tag-on. Clearly, Parka are having a good time in general and aren't wishing to bite into any clichés if they don't need to, so this sort of thing will float on its release, then come down softly, somewhere past the target of the general public that the record company so secretly wanted to strike.