Mouse On Mars and Mark E. Smith get tangled in beats.

So, you put the disc on without looking at who it's from, when you're doing a seedy DJ set at your local alt scene night. When you take chance on the audio contents, you initially think that maybe this lot have spent too much time living next to LCD Soundsystem, when this shot in the dark conclusion has actually landed on the other side of the truth. You're on the wrong end of the stick, mate.

This disco Art School Rocker piece of jumped up electro-hype is actually leaning more to a deeper root, because of the workaholic lead singer with a bad reputation and hire-and-fire policy that makes his punk rock ethic seem like a sweatshop.

This is The Fall fucking around with a computer sound system on the finest pills. No, really it is ... It IS The Fall's legendary Mark E. Smith, mixed with the founders of Mouse On Mars the ultra-cool electro-punkers that make Aphex Twin seem like Bing Crosby. Collaborating for an eagerly anticipated slab of something that could either be deemed as genius, or something that Chris Morris (the writer of Brasseye) would use for the Nathan Barley 'urban cool' spoof. That, my friends, is all about how you want to feel about it.

Make of it what you will. It may take time, but it's well worth a flaky, pompous, cocaine Art College wiggle on the dance floor.