Certainly no x-tra factor here

Come on, admit it: you watched X Factor along with the rest of us. You watched the first rounds of auditions and scoffed at the series of deluded auditionees with their woeful and unashamed lack of talent. You sat on the edge of your seat when they went to boot camp (some of you might even have been as disappointed as me when you realised that there were no shouting drill sergeants and they weren't being made to wade through miles of mud and shit everyday). You even watched the live shows and chortled to yourself at the dizzying levels of ego and desperation that had suddenly erupted from the perma-smiling final ten. Although each of them were there trying to present something seemingly new and fresh, they were all being put on Cowell's pop conveyer belt and being moulded into something more aesthetically pleasing to the masses whilst facing some fair and just humiliation in the process.

Those eagle eyed viewers among you might remember Lora. Putting it simply, she was the one who looked like she's stepped in off the street by accident, possibly after getting lost after a Rancid gig. With her tattoos, piercings and her shock of black hair, she seemed like an antidote from the vacuous style and voices of all those others. Lora didn't get past boot camp.

The thing is when you go on some TV show trying to eek out your slice of fame you will always be remembered for being 'so and so out of whatever'. No matter what you do and how much you try and distance yourself, you will be the one from that programme, you know what it's called.

So what of Lora from X Factor's band? Well, it's not that great. 'Easy Weakness' doesn't start any fires. With a very vague and repetitive rock sound, it doesn't scream anything new. 'Alone and ..' again sounds recycled and doesn't seem to go anywhere. It starts; it stops and doesn't really progress anywhere in between.

This is a very average attempt but probably a million times better than anything from that one with the hair from X Factor, the child man from X Factor or that one who won X Factor.